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About this Application

The APEX Ideas app allows you to share your ideas and feature requests for future releases of APEX.

We can't promise to make all your ideas come true, but we do promise to read every single idea that is submitted and to carefully consider every serious submission.

How do I submit an Idea?

Have a brilliant idea in your mind that you'd like to see in APEX? Follow these simple steps to submit your feature request:

  • Click on the Submit an Idea button from the homepage
  • Enter a descriptive title of your idea and press enter.
  • If any existing ideas appear below your title that is similar, you will be able to review them by clicking on the titles to open a new browser tab. If your idea is unique, click on the No, I have a new idea button, and carry on!
  • In the description, edit the provided template to provide as much information as possible to describe your feature. You can add images (simply drag and drop!), code blocks, or anything relevant to help make your request as clear as possible.
  • Finally, click on the Submit Idea button!

Your idea will then be submitted and marked as unpublished until it is reviewed by a member of the APEX team. Your idea will become visible to the public when it is published, and you will get an email. You will also be emailed in response to status changes and when community comments are added to it.

What are some tips for submitting an idea?

Ideas that are clearly presented and easy to understand are far more likely to be implemented. Help us understand your idea by following these tips:

  • Provide as many details as possible
  • Explain the use cases where this idea is useful
  • Do you have thoughts on implementation? Let us know
  • Upload screenshots, pencil sketches, or paste a block of code
  • Link to a publicly accessible APEX app or a video that you recorded

Note: Bug reports and general help questions are not considered ideas and will be closed immediately.

What is the process once an idea is submitted?

The APEX Product Management (PM) team will first vet every idea that is submitted, review it for clarity, and then publish for everyone to see. This step prevents spamming and inappropriate content.

Once an idea is published, it is open for voting and community discussion. Our PM team will routinely monitor idea submissions and comments.

When an idea appears ready (i.e., it is easy to understand and clearly presented), we will set the status to Under Review. Next, the APEX Development team will carefully review the idea to make a determination of whether it is something that should be on the APEX product roadmap.

It could be that your idea doesn't make it and is marked as closed or a duplicate. In this case, don't get discouraged - keep your ideas coming! Just remember, what you may think is simple may turn out to be a lot more complex to implement.

How can I share my idea with others?

We encourage you to share your idea with others. You can get an easy-to-share short link by clicking the Share button on the idea details page. If you are on social media, you can use the #orclAPEX hashtag to reach a wider audience.

Where should I report bugs?

Not in the Ideas app. Please report bugs using Oracle Support or the APEX Discussion Forum to ensure your submission is received correctly and we can communicate with you. Here are some tips when reporting bugs:

  • Describe the issue in as much detail as possible
  • Provide APEX, Database and other relevant environment information
  • Include steps to reproduce the issue (a reproducible app on is even better)
  • Prefix your title with "APEX 21.1 Bug:" followed by a brief description of the issue