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Feature Request FR-2393
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Status OPEN

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Set up session for email subscription

jeffrey kemp APEX Team
· Mar 19 2022

Idea Summary
Give developers ability to set up a session prior to running an IR query for an email subscription.

Use Case
Frequently, the query for an IR will refer to page and/or application items. In the context of an email subscription, however, none of these will have been set (they are all null), even if they have Default values defined.

If an on-load page process is needed to initialise these items, it will not have been run for an email subscription either.

The only workaround at the moment is to duplicate the default values or expressions in the query, e.g. “where xyz = COALESCE(:P1_ITEM, some_default_expression)”.

Preferred Solution

  1. Before running the IR query for an email subscription, initialise the page item default values.

  2. Add a new Pre-Rendering Point “Before Email Subscription” (instead Before Header) that will allow the developer to provide custom code to run just for email subscriptions.

This idea is open.



  • jeffrey kemp APEX Team 8 months ago Edit

    UPDATE: as of APEX 20.1, email subscriptions use a clone of the original session which includes the original page item values, so part 1 of the preferred solution is not required.

    However, some sort of process to initialise context variables is still needed to allow email subscriptions to work in an environment using VPD.