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Using Java Management Service Advanced Features

About This Workshop

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About This Workshop
Explore the advanced features of Java Management Service (JMS) in this introductory workshop. Learn to enable and execute JMS advanced features. Topics include evaluating the feasibility of migrating Java applications, optimizing workload performance through JVM recommendations, identifying vulnerabilities in third-party Java libraries, assessing the impact of Oracle's JRE and JDK Cryptographic Roadmap, utilizing Java Flight Recorder for detailed application insights, analyzing  application server usage, and managing Oracle Java versions.

Workshop Info

1 hour
  1. Set up and enable Advanced Features on Java Management Service
  2. Configure Post Install Actions And Install Java Runtimes
  3. Remove Java Runtimes
  4. Track Java Servers
  5. Detect Java Libraries
  6. Run Crypto Event Analysis
  7. Run JDK Flight Recorder
  8. Run Java Migration Analysis
  9. Run Performance Analysis
  10. View and monitor Work requests

An Oracle Free Tier, Always Free, Paid or LiveLabs Cloud Account. 
A Java Application deployed on a OCI compute instance.                                                                 
Access to the cloud environment and resources configured in the workshop Manage Java Runtimes, Applications and Managed Instances Inventory with Java Management Service.

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