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Manage Java Runtimes, Applications and Managed Instances Inventory with Java Management Service

About This Workshop

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About This Workshop
This workshop will walk you through the process of setting up and using Java Management Service (JMS) on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). It will first walk you through how to set up the environment and create the necessary OCI resources such as Tagging, User Groups, Dynamic Groups and Policies in order to start using JMS. It will then guide you through the process of creating a fleet, which is the primary collection with which you interact when using JMS and contains Managed Instances that share a common management approach, followed by the process of deploying a simple Java Application in an OCI compute instance or Windows OS. Next, you will learn how to set up the Management Agent on your host machine (also known as a Managed Instance in JMS) to monitor your Java application and view it inside a fleet in JMS. Later, you will learn how to install and configure Management Gateway on an on-premises host and have another on-premises host proxy through it to communicate with OCI network and JMS. Finally, you will see a simple example of setting up a Java Application in a Docker container and monitoring it using JMS.

Workshop Info

2 hours, 20 minutes
  1. Understand concepts related to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Resources and Services for Java Management Service
  2. Set Up Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for Java Management Service
  3. Set up a Fleet
  4. Create a Java Application
  5. Understand Concepts related to Management Agent installation
  6. Install Management Agent on your Managed Instances
  7. Set up multiple Managed Instances and Management Gateway
  8. Track Java Usage in a Container

An Oracle Free Tier, Always Free, Paid or LiveLabs Cloud Account. 
A Java Application deployed on a OCI compute instance
How to create SSH keys

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