• Browser Based Development

    Rapidly and declaratively develop, deploy, and run applications using only a web browser

  • Develop Mobile Applications

    Declaratively define and develop mobile pages and applications

  • Database-centric

    Simple architecture that is easy to manage, highly scalable, and runs everywhere Oracle runs

  • Fully Supported

    Fully supported with any supported Oracle Database edition

  • Full SQL and PL/SQL

    Leverage Database Skills to build reports, charts, forms, and other components

  • Self Service Multi-Tenant Enabled

    Optionally enable self service provisioning of Oracle Application Express workspaces

  • Packaged Applications

    Productivity and sample applications provide point solutions and learning opportunities

  • RESTful Web Services

    Define RESTful web service API's to provide access to your data

  • Portability

    Seamlessly move applications between environments within your corporate network and public clouds

  • Secure

    Develop Web applications which are secure by default


Creating a Mobile Web Application Using Application Express 4.2

This demonstration provides an overview of how to create a Mobile Web Application using Application Express Release 4.2

Packaged Applications in Application Express 4.2

This demonstration shows you how to install and use a packaged application in Application Express Release 4.2

Responsive Web Application Development with Application Express 4.2

This demonstration shows you how to use Theme 25 and the new Grid Layout functionality to create responsive applications.