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Explore how quickly you can analyze your business data in Oracle Cloud

About This Workshop

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About This Workshop
In this hands-on lab, you will get first-hand experience of using Oracle Cloud, Oracle Autonomous Database (ADB) and Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC).

For the purpose of this lab, we will use ADW so all the steps will be related to this database service.
Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) is a scalable and secure public cloud service that provides a full set of capabilities to explore and perform collaborative analytics for you, your workgroup, and your enterprise.
With Oracle Analytics Cloud, you also get flexible service management capabilities, including fast setup, easy scaling and patching, and automated lifecycle management.

Workshop Info

2 hours
  • Introduction
  • Provisioning your Autonomous Database instance
  • Provisioning your Oracle Analytics Cloud instance
  • Using Oracle Analytics Cloud
  • Next Steps
  • Some understanding of cloud and database terms is helpful

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