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Low Code Development with Oracle Autonomous Database

About This Workshop

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About This Workshop
This lab starts with a napkin design of data structures we would like to use for a proof-of-concept. Using Quick SQL you will quickly define the data structures and utilize various table and column directives to better define the tables and also create some dummy data. You will then be creating an application based on the new tables. Lastly, you will be updating some of the generated components to improve the initial app.

Workshop Info

1 hour, 30 minutes
  • Create an Autonomous Transaction Processing instance
  • Access APEX in the Oracle Cloud
  • Create an APEX Workspace
  • Create an application from a file
  • Use Quick SQL to create database objects
  • Use Database Actions to access database objects
  • Use Database Actions to create a data model
  • Create and modify an APEX application
  • Familiarity with Database is desireable, but not required
  • Some understanding of cloud and database terms is helpful
  • Familiarity with Oracle Cloud Infrastucture (OCI) is helpful

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