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Build an Expense Tracker Application using Oracle APEX

About This Workshop

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About This Workshop
In this workshop, you will create an application that allows you to manage expenses using the approvals component.

To apply for an expense, an employee logs into the application and submits an expense request filling in the Type (Accommodation/Conference/Internet/ Miscellaneous Expenses) and total Expenses. The task could be assigned to multiple potential owners, and then they can perform possible actions (Request information/Delegate/Release/Change Priority).

Workshop Info

1 hour
  • Lab 1:  Create an Expense Tracker Application
  • Lab 2: Add Task Definition
  • Lab 3: Create an Email Template
  • Lab 4: Delegate Expense Request


  • Familiarity with Database and SQL is desirable, but not required.
  • Familiarity with Oracle APEX is helpful

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