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Easily Build Powerful Analytic Applications Using Oracle APEX

About This Workshop

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About This Workshop
Oracle Application Express (APEX) is a low-code application development environment that creates database-centric applications. Analytic views are a dimensionally oriented semantic layer in the Oracle Database that can serve as a foundation for business intelligence applications. Analytic views mask the underlying complexity of tables and views, define aggregation rules, include analytical expressions to create calculated measures and provide rich descriptive metadata.

This Live Lab will teach you how to use both to build a powerful, interactive analytic application. You will learn how analytic views enhance the capabilities of APEX applications with aggregations and rich calculations while simplifying SQL generation at the same time. More power, less work. What could be better?

Workshop Info

Lab 1: Provision an Autonomous Database

Lab 2: Open SQL Worksheet

Lab 3: Create a Database User

Lab 4: Install Sample Data

Lab 5: Explore the Data Tables

Lab 6: Create an Analytic View

Lab 7: Examine Analytic Queries that Select from Tables

Lab 8: Examine Lookup Queries

Lab 9: Examine Hierarchies and Analytic Views

Lab 10: Examine Analytic Queries that Select from the Analytic View

Lab 11: Create a New APEX Application

Lab 12: Add Queries that Select from the Analytic View

Lab 13: Add Data Selectors to the Sales Dashboard

  • Familiarity with Oracle Database and SQL
  • Familiarity with Oracle Application Express

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