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Deploying Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Center for Internet Security Landing Zone

About This Workshop

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About This Workshop
This lab will walk through the process of deploying the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Center for Internet Security (CIS) Landing Zone (LZ). The LZ is a secure, automated cloud environment designed to help organizations achieve and maintain compliance with the CIS Benchmarks for OCI. This lab will provide an overview of the LZ and its components, an explanation of how to deploy the LZ, and a demonstration of how to use the LZ to assess the security posture of an OCI environment. Finally, the lab will provide guidance on how to maintain the LZ and ensure ongoing compliance with the CIS Benchmarks.

Users will create a set of CIS-compliant resources in OCI to jump start development in Oracle Cloud. They will utilize the OCI Resource Manager to run a set of Terraform scripts designed to create a complete environment for developing OCI into a production cloud. Resources created will include a Virtual Cloud Network, Compartments, Groups, IAM Policies, and more.

To complete the lab, the user will upload the Terraform files from the OCI CIS Landing Zone into Resource Manager. The user will then learn how to configure variables to deploy a 3-tier network and use the Resource Manager to plan and then apply the Terraform.

Workshop Info

1 hour, 30 minutes
  1. Introduction to OCI and Resource Manager
  2. Upload Landing Zone Terraform files to Resource Manager
  3. Configure variables for Basic Deployment
  4. Apply and Inspect Resources
  5. Create Compartment for Exadata
  6. Run CIS Compliance Checker Script
  7. Run Destroy Job in Resource Manager

Familiarity with OCI and Terraform is helpful but not a requirement

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