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AutoREST with JSON Relational Duality Views in 23c Free

About This Workshop

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About This Workshop
JSON Relational Duality is a landmark capability in Oracle Database 23c that provides game-changing flexibility and simplicity for Oracle Database developers. This breakthrough innovation overcomes the historical challenges that developers have faced when building applications, either when using the relational model or when using the document model.

JSON Relational Duality helps to converge benefits of both document and relational worlds. Developers now get the flexibility and data access benefits of the JSON document model, plus the storage efficiency and power of the relational model. The new feature that enables this convergence is called JSON Relational Duality View.

Interacting with your Oracle Database with HTTPS and REST APIs can be as simple as picking the objects in your database you want to start working with.

Oracle REST Data Service (ORDS) includes a feature known as ‘AutoREST,’ where one or more objects are enabled, and REST API endpoints are automatically published. For example, a TABLE can be enabled for GET, PUT, POST, DELETE operations to get one or more rows, insert or update rows, delete rows, or even batchload multiple rows in a single request. This feature has been enhanced for 23c to include similar REST access for JSON-Relational duality views.

Workshop Info

30 minutes
  • Create JSON Relational Duality Views 
  • Enable AutoREST on the JSON Relational Duality Views
  • Populate, query, and update the views 
  • An Oracle Database 23c Free Developer Release or one running in a LiveLabs environment
  • Familiarity with Oracle Database is desirable, but not required
  • Some understanding of database terms is helpful

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