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Get Started With Analytic Views using Data Studio

About This Workshop

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About This Workshop
An Analytic View is a type of view in the Oracle Database that allows users to perform complex queries and calculations on data stored in one or more tables. These views provide a higher level of abstraction over the underlying data, allowing users to access and analyze the data in a more meaningful way. They are typically used in business intelligence and data warehousing applications, and can be based on a single table or multiple tables joined together.

The Data Studio Analysis application, included with Autonomous Database, includes everything you need to get started with designing Analytic Views. In this workshop you will create an Analytic View, complete with multiple hierarchies, fact measures and calculated measures. You will also query the Analytic Views using the Analysis applications data viewer.

This Live Lab is designed to be short and approachable. The Analytic View that you will design is simple and easy to understand. It introduces the business model and key features. You will also use the Analysis tool to view your Analytic View and verify the design.

Workshop Info

1 hour

Lab 1: Provision an Autonomous Database

Lab 2: Connect with SQL Worksheet

Lab 3: Create a Database User

Lab 4: Install Sample Data

Lab 5: Launch the Data Studio Analysis Tool

Lab 6: Create a New Analytic View

Lab 7: Create a Hierarchy

Lab 8: Create Join

Lab 9: Create Measures

Lab 10: Deploy the Analytic View

Lab 11: Add Hierarchies

Lab 12: Create a Calculated Measure

Lab 13: Explore Data

  • Basic knowledge of Oracle Cloud
  • Basic level of understanding of SQL query language

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