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Maintain data consistency across microservices using Oracle MicroTx

About This Workshop

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About This Workshop
Run sample applications, using Oracle Transaction Manager for Microservices, to learn how you can maintain data consistency across various microservices used in an application. As organizations rush to adopt microservices architecture, they often run into problems associated with data consistency as each microservice typically has its own database or other resource.

Oracle Transaction Manager for Microservices (MicroTx) provides a transaction coordination microservice to maintain consistency in the state of various databases participating in a transaction.

Transaction Manager for Microservices supports several distributed transaction protocols, such as XA, Long Running Actions (LRA), and Try-Confirm/Cancel (TCC). It supports distributed transactions across polyglot microservices, such as Java, node.js, C/C++ and PL/SQL.

Workshop Info

1 hour, 30 minutes

The hands-on lab takes you through the following steps:

Lab 1: Deploy infrastructure with Oracle Resource Manager

Lab 2: Set up the environment

Lab 3: Run Travel Agent app which uses LRA protocol

Lab 4: Run Transfer app which uses XA protocol


Familiarity with Database, Docker, and Kubernetes is desirable, but not required. 

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