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Search Documents and Images stored in Object Storage using OpenSearch, AI Vision, Text Recognition

About This Workshop

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About This Workshop
Search Documents uploaded to Object Storage in a Google like search engine.
Document could be
- Word, Excel, PDF, ... ,
- Images that are preprocessed using Artificial Intelligence, Image Labelling and Text Recognition.
- Belgian ID cards using Text recognition

It uses LowCode development both for Integration and Visualisation.

It works like this:
- a document is uploaded to the Object Storage.
- an event is raised and queue in Streaming (Kafka)
- the event are processed in Oracle Integration Cloud
- based on the file type, it will process it in the adequate way
- then the result is uploaded to OpenSearch
- it is done in a transactional way. Document that ends in error can be resubmitted.

Then a end-user can look for these documents in User Interface designed with Visual Builder.

Workshop Info

2 hours
  • Configure OCI: compartment, network
  • Create the needed service: Object Storage, Events, Oracle Integration Cloud, OpenSearch, 
  • Create a document parsing program with Oracle Functions
  • Import the glue of all this in Integration cloud.
  • Import the user interface
  • Test. Upload files, images with and without text and check the result
  • Familiarity with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is helpful

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