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Develop Python Web Apps with Oracle Autonomous Database Low-code REST APIs

About This Workshop

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About This Workshop
Your Python applications need to use MongoDB or SQLite if you want to persist data and do 'fancy' data calculations. And of course, you'll have to be a SQL or JSON expert, right? Wrong!

Learn today how you can leverage your favorite Python libraries (Flask, WTForms, Folium, etc.), and simply plug in our existing REST APIs for our Oracle Database!

Oracle REST APIs allow you to submit transactions, pull data, and even generate interactive maps. Our managed Oracle Cloud Autonomous Database takes care of your backups, upgrades, and high availability. If you want to add a row to your table, simply do a POST to the appropriate HTTPS endpoint!

We'll give you an OpenAPI spec / Swagger set of REST APIs and some Python code. You'll get to plug them in and bring your Python app to life!

Workshop Info

1 hour
  • Review OpenAPI Spec/Swagger of Oracle REST APIs
  • Browse, and experiment with the Oracle REST APIs
  • Bring to life a sample Python application by integrating Oracle REST APIs
  • Experience with Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and REST APIs
  • A machine with network access
  • Ability to run Python, Pip install Python libraries, use VS Code and VS Code extensions 

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