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Automate Disaster Recovery on OCI using Full Stack Disaster Recovery

About This Workshop

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About This Workshop
OCI Full Stack Disaster Recovery (Full Stack DR) provides a fully automated and comprehensive disaster recovery orchestration solution for all the layers of a full-stack cloud application, including infrastructure, database, and application. Using Full Stack DR, you can recover your full stack applications across OCI regions, or across availability domains within the same region. Full Stack DR helps to

• Create and automate DR run books and make them more flexible
• Manage DR operations using a single pane of glass
• Provide comprehensive logs with error management and recovery
• Perform DR recovery drills,
• Provide a framework to customize DR operations

Join this lab to learn how easily you can automate the Full Stack Disaster Recovery orchestration for a Cloud-native Application deployed in OCI.

Estimated workshop time: 2 hrs

Workshop Info

3 hours
  • Prepare the environments in Ashburn (Primary) for using the Full Stack DR
  • Create DR Protection groups (DRPG) in Ashburn (Primary) and Phoenix (Standby) regions.
  • Associate Ashburn DRPG as Primary and Phoenix DRPG as Standby.
  • Add members to Ashburn DRPG. Application Virtual machines, Volume groups, and Primary ATP database.
  • Add members to Phoenix DRPG. Standby ATP Database.
  • Create and Customize DR Switchover Plan in Phoenix( Standby) DRPG
  • Run DR Switchover Pre-checks in Phoenix( Standby) DRPG
  • Verify and create an outage to the MuShop application from Ashburn (Primary) region.
  • Run DR Switchover Plan in Phoenix( Standby) DRPG
  • Verify the MuShop application from Phoenix (New Primary) region.


  • Understanding OCI fundamentals services like OCI Databases, Compute, Networking, storage, etc.
  • Good understanding of Disaster recovery concepts
  • Good understanding of OCI replication technologies such as Oracle Data Guard, OCI Storage replication, etc.

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