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Feature Request FR-3889
Product Area Page Components
Status OPEN

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I wish there was a way to set the Top Navigation menu position to the After Logo

rafael trevisan Public
· Jul 5 2024

Idea Summary
As the title says, it would be cool to be able to set the position of the Top Navigation menu to the After Logo.

Use Case
When we have apps with the Top Navigation menu, the header, plus the menu and the breadcrumb, takes up too much space on the visible part of the page. The header pretty much has the logo and some buttons (navigation bar) to the right, leaving that space in the middle kind of waste.

Preferred Solution (Optional)
I know we can have a List region in the After Logo position and set the list to Menu Bar, etc., but the problem with this approach is that it always requires some CSS customization and isn't responsive to small screens. So, one preferred solution I can think of is to have a new option under the User Interface setting where we can specify if the Top Navigation menu will be placed at the After Logo or below the Header.

This idea is open.