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Feature Request FR-3880
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Multi-level group header in Interactive Grid / Report

sk.alif Public
· Jul 3 2024

Idea Summary

Sometimes we have requirement to have multi level column grouping in Interactive Grid / Report.

For example, in the below screenshot we have 3 level column grouping.

Preferred Solution (Optional)
Right now we can do one level column grouping. Oracle APEX should have some default option to have  multi level column grouping.

We reviewed this idea carefully, and while it was interesting, we concluded that due to all the internal implications we need to take into account, it is unlikely to make its way into APEX.



  • vincent morneau Admin OP 13 days ago

    This is a good idea and a valid use case. Unfortunately we think it's unlikely that we prioritize it in the short term. Hopefully we can re-assess in the future.

  • john.snyders APEX Team OP 12 days ago

    Note this is already possible with IG using a little bit of JavaScript you can have any number of group levels. See option 
    If you need help ask on the forum and tag me and I'll try to help