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Feature Request FR-3834
Product Area Workflow
Status OPEN

1 Voters

Workflow - Swimlane component

richard.baldogi Public
· Jun 10 2024

Idea Summary
In order to make complex workflows visually cleaner and separable, a Swimlane component should be introduced.

Use Case
Whenever the developer creates complex workflows.

Preferred Solution (Optional)
By putting a new menu called “Helpers” beside the activites where the Swimlane component can be found. 

The component settings should include the following:

  • Type: Vertical or Horizontal Swimlane
  • Color of the header 
  • Optional: Setting an NxN times Swimlane table by having some attributes like: No. of Rows and No. of Columns
  • Optional: Some indicators which helps to see in which direction does the workflow executes.

This idea is open.