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Feature Request FR-3794
Product Area User Interface

2 Voters

Value for Column Span of a Region or Page Items to be substitutable by Page Items or System Variables

sebastian.vanledden Public
· May 15 2024

Idea Summary
Currently, the value for Column Span of a Region or Page Items can only be set to Automatic or value from 1-12. The idea would be to enable the Column span to  be substituted by values deriving from Page Items or System Variables.

Use Case
Give developers greater control over the layout of Regions and Page Items - for example in mobile use cases of an app vs. desktop usage.

We reviewed this idea carefully, and while it was interesting, we concluded that due to all the internal implications we need to take into account, it is unlikely to make its way into APEX.



  • vincent morneau Admin OP 13 days ago

    Interesting idea. I think page designer needs to get better at designing for different screen sizes, declaratively. Having a dynamic column value could make Page Designer layout view quite hard to use and understand.

    Closing this idea for now, but we have other plans.