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Feature Request FR-3791

3 Voters

Allow dynamic metadata queries as sources for plug-in attributes of type select list

philipp hartenfeller Public
· May 10 2024

Idea Summary
Let's say somebody wants to develop a plug-in that visualizes APEX workflows for end-users. It would be a region plug-in where the APEX developer has to set an attribute saying which of the workspace workflows he would like to display. The most convenient way to do this would be to use a select list that shows all available workflows. This is currently not possible, as “Select List” attributes only support static values.

Use Case
The workflow visualization was only an example, but thanks to plug-ins allowing us to do anything, the use cases are endless. There could be plug-ins utilizing search configurations, REST definitions, email templates, static application files, etc.

Preferred Solution (Optional)
Allow to set “Lov Type” to metadata query and allow the plug-in dev to enter a query with WS and App ID substitutions. 

Furthermore, I think when this is done, the next issue would be to allow multiple selections. Please let me know if you should create a separate idea for that.

This request is likely a duplicate of FR-3428.



  • vincent morneau Admin OP 4 days ago

    This idea has been submitted in different ways before. The reason we are rejecting it is because plugins are designed to be self contained.