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Feature Request FR-3786
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Option to trigger a computation after a Refresh Dynamic Action

joeyburgt Public
· May 8 2024

It would be great if there is an option to select a computation that needs to be executed after a Dynamic Action of type Refresh. So being able to select a page item that needs to be refresh as well as the computation that is present on the page item. 

Right now I have to put the same code as the computation in a dynamic action to be able to achieve this result.

This is a great idea! You can already achieve this in APEX today with a slightly different approach.



  • aaron OP 2 months ago

    Is it possible to put the calculation in the DA of the set value and implement it after the refresh?

  • guillaume.penderia OP 3 weeks ago

    You can indeed make a server side calculation in which you specify submitted and returned items. Then, when the refresh happens, the updated values appears.

    It does the job BUT you have to basically write the same code in several places, so a “relaunch computation” option would be nice.

  • vincent morneau Admin OP 13 days ago

    If the computation code is packaged in a way that can be reused, the after refresh DA would simply call the same function/procedure.

    If we make computations possible to call after a refresh, then we would have to do the same for other process types, and we are concerned it could lead to over engineering for solving a problem that can be solved already.