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Feature Request FR-3739
Product Area User Interface

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CSS Class on Navigation Menu and Navigation Bar

lucashir Public
· Apr 15 2024

Idea Summary
It would be fantastic to have the ability to apply custom CSS classes to both the Navigation Menu and Navigation Bar, which would then be included in the #COMPONENT_CSS_CLASSES# substitution string within the template.

Use Case
A custom CSS class would enable the declarative injection of visibility classes, empowering users to hide/show menus across various screen sizes. 

In my scenario, I utilize the same list in the Navigation Bar for Desktop (hidden-xs-down), while the Side navigation menu is displayed on Mobile (hidden-sm-up). 

This functionality proves valuable on Public Sites where the Side menu may not be ideal but appears nicely on Mobile devices.

Preferred Solution (Optional)

Add CSS Class in Shared Component > User Interface


We reviewed this idea carefully, and while it was interesting, we concluded that due to all the internal implications we need to take into account, it is unlikely to make its way into APEX.



  • vincent morneau Admin OP 13 days ago

    Very interesting use case. I think ultimately this is not the way to go, because responsive classes like hidden-xs-down lead to a design where the same component (list) is rendered twice on the page, and then hidden. The end goal should be to have a navigation bar that is responsive to fit all devices.