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Feature Request FR-3716
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ORDS - better support for dezentralized config files

michael.weinberger 2 Public
· Apr 2 2024

Idea Summary
with the actual version of ORDS there is one centralized config file for all ORDS installations on the server. Though this is an advantage for updating (a new version automatically uses the same config), it is an obstacle for installing multiple (different) ORDS on one server.

I propose a local config file that is placed in a sub folder of the webapp folder.

Use Case
We have 40+ Oracle Instances. They are a mix of dev, test and prod  belonging to different customers. It is simple impossible to upgrade them all at once.
So we have one ORDS for each database and multiple tomcat webserver for customer-dev/test/prod (each hosting multiple ORDS).

Preferred Solution (Optional)
a subfolder in webapps with the same name the ords process has. And config files in it. 
If they are not found, the default as provided at the moment should be used.

We reviewed this idea carefully and came to the conclusion that it does not constitute an appropriate APEX feature request.



  • jeff.d.smith OP 7 weeks ago

    We (the ORDS team) have a feature we're about to make available for customers (we've been using it internally, for years), called ‘Central Config.’ 

    This would allow you to have one repository of ORDS configurations - all settings and pools defined in one place, and other ORDS would call into this central config via REST API, to source their config.

    You could store this configuration in a variety of ways, so long as it could respond to the API request from ORDS, but one example would be via a HashiCorp Vault. 

    We'll hopefully have this documented and fully supported in time for ORDS 24.2 release in June.

  • jayson hanes Admin OP 7 weeks ago

    Thanks for lettings us all know this, @jeff.d.smith - I've closed this submission as not an APEX Feature.