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Feature Request FR-3715
Product Area User Interface

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Universal theme - mobile layout - more than one column in forms

michael.weinberger 2 Public
· Apr 2 2024

Idea Summary
On a mobile phone my forms in Apex applications are displayed one item per row. They can not be placed next to each other in the same row. It seems that the mobile layout does offer one row only.

Use Case
Putting two items in the same line would be great for 

  • date ranges (from - until) 
  • a combination of switches, checkboxes
  • small select lists
This is a great idea! You can already achieve this in APEX today with a slightly different approach.



  • jayson hanes Admin OP 7 weeks ago

    Per Tim Kimberl can override this stacking with the utility classes example col-xxs-6  on each of the column classes will do 2 (50%) columns.

  • michael.weinberger 2 OP 6 weeks ago

    sorry, nope. 

    It seems to me that whatever I do gets always overwritten with a max-width=100% in the end. 
    Update. I had a typo: xss instead of xxs. It does work fine!

  • vincent morneau Admin OP 6 weeks ago

    No need to contact support. Check this simple test case:

    The only thing is is needed is a set of CSS classes on the Column CSS Classes attribute. Here I used

    col-xxs-6 col-xs-6 col-sm-6

    So it has 50% width on xxs, xs, and sm screens. For medium screen size and above, page designer configuration is declarative.