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Feature Request FR-3714
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Removing a disabled IG/IR filter should not refresh the region

ej egyed Public
· Apr 1 2024

Idea Summary
Currently when a IG/IR filter is removed using the X button next to it, the IG/IR refreshes. If the filter is not currently active and the user removes the filter, the IG/IR should not refresh.

Use Case
Because the filter is disabled, it is not currently used in the query used to populate the IG/IR. If one (or more) disabled filter needs to be removed, the same query is being used over and over each time a filter is removed.

  • Reduce the need for running the same query over and over each time a disabled filter is removed
  • User loses their pagination
  • User will lose any unsaved changes if they are editing an IG (although a popup does occur)

Preferred Solution (Optional)
When a user removes a disabled filter, the IG/IR should not refresh.

This idea submission relates to an APEX bug and will be tracked in our bug system.