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Feature Request FR-3692
Product Area Application Builder

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Export page as of ... minutes ago - enhancement

abraham.olsen Public
· Mar 14 2024

Idea Summary
This is truly a great feature!

But please note the note: “**The deleted page is, of course, not part of that list any more.**” Carsten does suggest a nifty workaround for that… which only works if you know the number of the missing page.

How about the “As of” is refreshing the LOV to show pages that existed so-and-so minutes ago?

Use Case
I needed to replace (re-create) 2 pages, say #10 and #11, I made copies of them, then deleted #10, then… deleted another page. Then it hit me that I had deleted the wrong page - #11 was still there! - and I had no idea, what number the missing page had had.

(Obviously, I exported the entire application twice : as of now, and as of 30 minutes ago. Then I made a diff on the two sql files and found out what innocent page was missing. Copied the definition into the “now” file and imported anew. Love it!)

Preferred Solution (Optional)
I guess refreshing the LOV of pages according to the as of… number of minutes could possibly find the pages missing at current time.

Also, please document somewhere

 - How many minutes ago can a snapshot be found? Or can this be setup by Admin? Having to “be quick” is not an exact science… while an Oracle Database is :) 
- Can we select * from apex_application_pages “as of period for <some_named_period> <sysdate-1/24>” ? What would be the name of that period, if it's there?

We reviewed this idea carefully, and while it was interesting, we concluded that due to all the internal implications we need to take into account, it is unlikely to make its way into APEX.



  • carsten.czarski APEX Team OP 4 weeks ago

    In the old days (when I wrote that article) the Export As Of functionality was used very often to correct human errors, e.g. when parts of the page (or the whole page) was accidentally removed. 

    However, today there are so many other features in APEX to address these requirements:

    • Application Backup automatically backs the app up every day, so these backups can be used to restore lost parts of an application.
    • The new Working Copy feature allows to do changes in a “sandbox” environment, and then to merge the changes to the main application in a controlled way.

    And also, the As Of functonality (which is based on Flashback Query) is typically limited to a few minutes only on production environments, so if some time has passed since the accidental change, the feature will not help anyway.

    For these reasons we see it as very unlikely to implement extensions to the Export As Of functionality.