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Feature Request FR-3644
Product Area APIs
Status OPEN

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APEX_CLONE_SESSION through external Link

j_schuster Public
· Feb 22 2024

Hi guys, 

our APEX app is communicating with other internal (non APEX) apps. So I click on a link inside my APEX app working something in a different app and from there, there is  a link back to my APEX app. But my app will be called then in a new tab with a new session then and I loose my work where I left off.

Users don't understand that behaviour they go back to their first old expired APEX tab and want to continue but they get the message, session expired so they complain, it's not long enough. 

What we would need is that APEX_CLONE_SESSION parameter as URL parameter, so when I call an APEX app from a different (non APEX app) with this parameter: 

Then APEX firgues out is there a cookie with a valid session and then does the already implemented session cloning process, open the app in a different tab but with the cloned session from the first tab so he does not loose his work. 

Make sense?

This idea is open.



  • igor.duca OP 3 months ago

    Hello, we are facing a similar problem. Our users are making purchases through our APEX application. The application sends emails to notify users about their order status. These emails include links that lead directly to the order information. The links do not include the session because it would have expired by the time the email is received. Clicking the link will end the current session. As an APEX developer, I grasp the concept of sessions in APEX and why the running session is terminated. However, it is unreasonable to expect users to comprehend the technical intricacies at the same level.

  • j_schuster OP 3 months ago

    I guess it is either simple or impossible, let's see 🤞

  • rode.mb OP 6 weeks ago

    Ideally the session-id in the link is completely irrelevant, so the user can always rejoin an existing session or he has to login if there is no existing session. That also would it make possible to share links to other persons without crashing their sessions.

    But there is a Problem: at the moment Rejoin Session is only possible without enabled Session Cloning. Actually this will only work if the application detects that the url was called manually and fetch the first or last valid session id (at the end it is random) from this browser instance AND execute a clone_session.