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Feature Request FR-3615
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Status OPEN

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readonly link in report column

zafar_farhan Public
· Feb 10 2024

Idea Summary
The ability to switch a link column on and off based on a sql expression.

If the expression is met the column is shown as a link otherwise it is shown as plain html

Use Case
A link column is displayed but only certain users with elevated privileges should be able to link through to the next page other users should only see the link text and no link.  Currently you have to either code the link in the query or have multiple columns that you hide using server side condition

Preferred Solution (Optional)
On the link column have the read only attribute available to be able to supply the server side expression.  If the criteria is met then show the link as normal if it is not then just show the link_attribute as html

This idea is open.



  • stew stryker OP 11 days ago

    I think I've done this sort of thing by having 2 columns:

    1. Link - If column condition is met
    2. Text/Title Only - If column condition NOT met

    You can display both columns in the same space via HTML Expression.

  • zafar_farhan OP 11 days ago

    That is the current workaround. 

    Having the read only attribute on the link that does the above is much more intuitive and simpler out of the box functionality.

  • stew stryker OP 10 days ago

    I mentioned the workaround above because your suggestion to use the read-only attribute didn't sound intuitive to me at all. I think of read-only as the opposite of "read-write", not “is this value usable for something besides for reading."

    But maybe that's just me.

  • zafar_farhan OP 10 days ago


    My understanding would be that by default it is a link which is clickable. 

    If read-only attribute logic is met then the link would be read only text not clickable.