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Feature Request FR-3611
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Disable Application Caching in Dev Mode

simon_hunt Public
· Feb 9 2024

Idea Summary
""Server-Side Caching" is probably an under-utilized feature of Oracle APEX."

The main reason for this, is that it's very frustrating to maintain an item that is being chached.  It would be great to either have a global setting that disables all caching when in dev mode, or automatically disable application caching when the workspace is unlocked.

We reviewed this idea carefully, and while it was interesting, we concluded that due to all the internal implications we need to take into account, it is unlikely to make its way into APEX.



  • christina.cho APEX Team OP 11 days ago

    Hi Simon,

    Thank you for submitting your idea. Since there is a workaround to implement this functionality in your app using the APIs shared by Morten's blog, we decided to close this idea for now:


    Server-side cache is an useful feature, but also a hidden feature not many people are aware. Hope this is okay.