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Feature Request FR-3569
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The new File Upload item contains a 'remove' button, which doesn't work intuitive.

lbrizzi Public
· Jan 2 2024

Idea Summary
The new File Upload item contains a 'remove' button, which doesn't work when updating a record. Not sure if this is a bug or intended behavior.

Use Case
When updating a record.

Preferred Solution (Optional)
Make the remove action declaritative configurable. Whether to show it or not, pl/sql handling behind the button, etc.

This idea submission is related to bug #36205509 in our bug system.



  • neil.fernandez APEX Team OP 7 weeks ago

    Are you referring to the x icon?

    For more context I believe you are referring to the following situation:

    - Source = BLOB Column… 
    - In combination with Form - Automatic Row Processing.

    And not Table APEX_APPLICATION_TEMP_FILES. Because with the latter it requires your own processing, which you would do you own file handling.

    This may be considered a potential bug, as the x should clear the blob column.

  • lbrizzi OP 7 weeks ago


    Yes, thats correct, the x-icon.

    Indeed not the table APEX_APPLICATION_TEMP_FILES from wwv_flows_files.

  • plamen.petrov OP 5 weeks ago


    I have exactly the same problem.

    So, is it a bug? fix/workround? I am on APEX 23.2.1.