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Feature Request FR-3503
Product Area Page Components
Status OPEN

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Image item with standard image if no rows returned

mmrsimoes Public
· Nov 17 2023

Idea Summary
It would be great if it was possible to provide a standard image from static files in case no rows are returned in image page items.

Use Case
I show user's photo so they can validate their login. Not all users have photos of their faces in the data base. In this cases, I would like to show a standard gray image from static file url

Preferred Solution (Optional)
A field where I can provide the url for the static file image to show if no rows are returned in the query.

This idea is open.



  • fac586 OP13 days ago

    Rather than an image URL I would propose allowing placeholder content to be defined as an HTML Expression to enable more flexible responses.

    This could be basic text: No image uploaded

    Your standard image: <img src="&" alt="No image uploaded">

    I would like to be able to vary the default image depending on context, without having to create additional images, via the use of FontAPEX icons:

    <span class="fa fa-photo fa-3x fa-lg no-img"></span>

    with fa-photo for generic images, fa-user for head shots, fa-camera for live shooting etc.