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Feature Request FR-3496
Product Area Developer Experience
Status OPEN

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Tables should be segregate, Developer should be able to identify which tables are for which project

kangraliakshay Public
· Nov 16 2023

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One more think Which pages refer to which table and option to change the table should be provided

This idea is open.



  • jayson hanes Admin OP2 weeks ago

    Developers can do this easily with a database object name PREFIX. For example, this app originally started out as a “Features Request” app - so all its database objects are prefixed with FR_*

  • fac586 OP2 weeks ago

    I would say this is already available. The correct way to organise objects across multiple projects is using database schemas. SQL Workshop pages have a schema selector, and in the Application Builder the objects available will be determined by the privileges assigned to the application parsing schema.