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Feature Request FR-3477
Product Area Application Builder

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Stay in Application Process after applying changes

paulo künzel Public
· Nov 7 2023

Idea Summary
It would be nice if, at the Application Process, after clicking on ‘Apply Changes’ it would stay in the page instead of going back list with all Application Processes.

Use Case
We usually validate a block of code and run it as we develop or to debug it. Currently it keeps going back to the screen, but I feel like I use it more as a “compile” action then a “save and close” action

This is a great idea! You can already achieve this in APEX today with a slightly different approach.



  • patrick wolf Admin OP2 weeks ago

    The sidebar of that edit page does contain a ‘Stay on page’ checkbox which keeps you on the current application process when you hit ‘Apply Changes’. Did you have something different in mind?

  • paulo künzel OP2 weeks ago

    If that checkbox was a snake I would be dead 10 times over. hahahahaha

    That was actually what I wanted as a default behavior. But that is already of great help.