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Feature Request FR-3465
Product Area Application Builder
Status OPEN

8 Voters

Page Replacement with Page as Copy Functionality

stephen cloete Public
· Oct 30 2023

Idea Summary
Providing the Option to Override a Page when using Page as Copy to replace the existing page with a copy of a page either from another app or within the same app

Use Case
Page as Copy is used when developers want to import just 1 or 2 pages into a central app, having to delete the page first and then only being able to import the new page does cause an extra step in the process.

Preferred Solution (Optional)
Provide an option to replace the existing page when using Page as Copy

This idea is open.



  • ron.m OP13 days ago

    I have a simular situation. Two Workspaces on the same box. One workspace as dev the other as prod. So i have to have APP_ID = 1 in dev and the same App in PROD as APP_ID=2. So the only way currently is to replace the App in prod with DEV and change the app ID from 1 to 2 and then make some other updates. What would be great is to export the page and allow copy insert / replace into the other app even though its a different App_ID.