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Feature Request FR-3448
Product Area Page Components
Status OPEN

2 Voters

Allow the APEX Map region to specify the SRS for WMS map services

a.miller Public
· Oct 20 2023

Idea Summary
Add an option to allow the APEX Map region to set the SRS for a WMS mapping service.

Use Case
APEX 23.2 allows the APEX Map region to use a WMS service as the basemap, which can be set up in the Map Backgrounds section of the Shared Components.  However, a WMS service set up this way appends an SRS parameter of EPSG:3857, overriding any instance of that parameter specified in the URL.  This prevents this component from rendering mapping services specifying a different projection.

Preferred Solution (Optional)
Include an SRS field in the Map Backgrounds screen (defaulting to EPSG:3857 if left blank).

This idea is open.