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Feature Request FR-3431
Product Area Web Services

29 Voters

Oracle APEX Workflow - Approving from email notification

sasukumaran Public
· Oct 17 2023

Oracle APEX workflow notification approval is a very good feature, and we have been looking into this for a long time. But our users are much more comfortable taking action on email notifications instead of logging into the system (i.e.Oracle EBS embedded workflow). It is more comfortable for remote-working users. Is there any plan to bring that feature into the Oracle APEX workflow?

This is currently on the roadmap for a future release of Oracle APEX.



  • ravi_a OP 8 months ago

    This will be a great feature addition.

  • maheshdmtech OP 8 months ago

    This is definitely missing feature for APEX Approval workflows

  • jayson hanes Admin OP 7 months ago

    It's really something you can already do today. Create a REST endpoint in your schema that actions this. The email would have to generate some kind of secure token that is recorded and then interpreted by your code in the REST endpoint to affect the desired action.

    Could this be made easier out of the box? definitely. But just because something isn't declarative doesn't mean it's not possible.

  • huining.zhang OP 7 months ago

    Because lacking this feature, I have to re-write my apex application by using oracle workflow (we have oracle EBS product). End users really like they can click the approve or reject button/link to get action done without be prompted to login to Apex app each time. Any update on this request? Has apex team been working on this enhancement yet?

  • ralf.mueller APEX Team OP 7 months ago

    Thanks for all the votes, we know it is important functionality and hence added it to the roadmap. Will start looking into this ASAP

  • ritika.trivedi OP 3 months ago

    Is this functionality added?

  • vinodkumar.rathod OP 5 days ago

    Any update on when the functionality will be available?

  • jlam OP 4 days ago

    This is definitely the missing feature.  I understand that this is not easy to do because you have to run API to pull email server for emails that are relevant and parse the email to retrieve the data for the response.  But having this feature will make APEX workflow feature more powerful.  Like @huining.zhang mentioned, we have to use Oracle EBS Workflow engine to handle this email approval instead of leveraging APEX native workflow for email approval type workflow processes.  So any movement on this feature is very welcoming.  Thanks

  • jayson hanes Admin OP 4 days ago

    @jlam it can already be done with a little bit of REST magic, no need to pull server emails - it's all about a link that works on-click within the email, that triggers some code to do whatever you want it to do.

    The feature is on our roadmap and is under development.

  • jlam OP 4 days ago

    @jayson hanes we know that it can be done.  But this defeats the purpose of low-code theme.  Since we use EBS, we just leverage the EBS infrastructure in this area.  But I am glad that it is still on the roadmap.  Thanks for responding.  I have nothing big high praises for the APEX team.  You guys kept amazed me with every release.  So I know that if this is on the roadmap, we are in good hands.  Thanks