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Feature Request FR-3353
Product Area APIs
Status OPEN

2 Voters

Allow Automation creation via API

pmushkov Public
· Sep 7 2023

Idea Summary
Currently APEX_AUTOMATION allows only basic operations with already created Automations. The idea is to allow creation of Automations and Actions via the API.

Use Case
There are some cases, when we could need end users to determine when particular action should be run. One option would be to schedule a job using DBMS_SCHEDULER. Since we have APEX Automation as a feature, we could use it instead, if such APIs are available. 

Preferred Solution (Optional)
An API wrappers on top of wwv_flow_automation_dev.create_wizard and wwv_flow_imp_shared.create_automation_action. Sample names could be APEX_AUTOMATION.CREATE_AUTOMATION and APEX_AUTOMATION.CREATE_AUTOMATION_ACTION. Additional ones like GET_AUTOMATION_ID and DELETE_AUTOMATION should also be considered as helper procedures.

This idea is open.