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Feature Request FR-3351
Product Area Page Components
Status OPEN

2 Voters

Fix bug (drag-and-drop multiple) into file browse page item with multiple set to No.

bshumway Public
· Sep 6 2023

Idea Summary
For the three “display as” types “Native Dropzone”, “Inline Dropzone”, “Block Dropzone”… if you specify the attribute “Storage Type” “APEX_APPLICATION_TEMP_FILES” and make sure “Allow multiple files” is set to No….

The users are still able to upload multiple files (!) if they drag-and-drop the files from their operating system. 

Interestingly you can't drag-and-drop multiple for the “display as” of “Native File Browse”… but its not as pretty…

Bug reproduced in APEX 20.2 (maybe its been fixed since then?)

Use Case
This makes it impossible to use these “display as” types if you need the enforce that the user can only upload one file. Its clearly not intended and should be fixed. Thanks.

This idea is open.



  • bshumway OP13 days ago

    Not sure if this matters, but the test was in a modal dialog.

  • jayson hanes Admin OP10 days ago

    @bshumway the best place to post bugs is in the