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Feature Request FR-3336
Product Area Developer Experience
Status OPEN

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APEX on top of Active data guard

amogh.kadam Public
· Aug 30 2023

Idea Summary
Using Apex with Active data guard database which is read only but using 19c feature of DML redirection.

Use Case
Environment configured with Active data guard which can be used for reporting purposes using Apex Dashboards.

Preferred Solution (Optional)
Make Apex supported with Active data guard which is read only but using 19c feature of DML redirection.

This idea is open.



  • jayson hanes Admin OP3 weeks ago

    How does an Oracle Database with Active Dataguard not already do what you want? This isn't an APEX feature - it's already supported by the Database which APEX benefits from.. as APEX benefits from all other Oracle Database features.

  • amogh.kadam OP3 weeks ago

    Actually it does not work with Active Dataguard, We tried connecting Apex to Active Datagaurd few days back but it didn't worked. We raise SR and Apex team confirmed its not currently supported to work with Read only Active Datagaurd as Apex does its own logging and requires read/write database.
    Here is the excerpt from SR.

  • jayson hanes Admin OP3 weeks ago

    Okay - that clarifies what you are after - but the deal is that APEX cannot run in a READ ONLY database - so you have to switch over to use it.

  • amogh.kadam OP2 weeks ago

    Yeah that true, that Apex cannot run in read only database but can it be made runnable with 19c Active datagaurd with DML redirection enabled?

  • jayson hanes Admin OP10 days ago

    that question is a little out of my league, I'm afraid! I just don't know. I'll see if we can find a DG expert or PM