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Feature Request FR-3320
Product Area APIs
Status OPEN

5 Voters

apex_zip - add support for password protected zip files

joseph fuda Internal
· Aug 18 2023

Idea Summary

ORA-29294: A data error occurred during compression or uncompression.

when attempting to extract a file from a password protected zip.

Please enhance GET_FILE_CONTENT() so that it can successfully extract content from a password protected zip.

Additionally, it would be useful if ADD_FILE() and FINISH() could be used to create password protected zip files.

Use Case
Working with password protected zip files.

Preferred Solution (Optional)

Add a P_ZIP_PASSWORD IN VARCHAR2 DEFAULT NULL parameter to all relevant APEX_ZIP subprograms.

This idea is open.



  • michel.lessard OP5 days ago

    I think putting the password in the code is not a good practice, but we could use the "wallet".