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Feature Request FR-3269
Product Area Page Components

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Include on Interactive Report and Interactive Grid the PL/SQL Function body on the Attribute Heading option

william.dellanoce Public
· Jul 14 2023

Idea Summary
In the Classic Reports in the Attribute Heading section there is the option PL/SQL Function Body which allow to define seamlessly the header for the columns of the report. It would be a great improvement to have this same functionality on the interactive reports and interactive grid

Use Case
In the interactive reports you can define a page item an refer it using &ITEM. in the header but his turn to be complicated if you have more the for or five columns.

In interactive grid there is also the option to modify the heading of the grid column's through $('#ITEM').text('LABEL'); which is actually simpler than the case of interactive report but still is somehow hidden and not evident.

If this option could de included through the attribute heading for IR and IG it would improve the inter operation of components.

Preferred Solution (Optional)
As mentioned above

This request is likely a duplicate of FR-2401.