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Feature Request FR-3159
Product Area Page Components
Status OPEN

14 Voters

Carousel - Ability to Pause; Play via a button click. Public
· May 22 2023

Idea Summary
Carousel - Ability to Pause; Play via a button click.

Use Case
Adjust out the box Carousel so that have the ability to Pause on a given event.

Preferred Solution (Optional)
Whilst there are other options to load plugins that involve creating a new version of the Carousel. Editing the current one to allow for interaction so that the following can be instageted via an event (Click, MouseOver)



//Change graphic of button
   mcb= $('#myCarouselButton');
   mcb.find('span').toggleClass('fa-pause fa-play');

This idea is open.



  • john.snyders APEX Team OP6 months ago

    Anything with a timer needs to have play/pause functionality for proper accessibility. This is more general than just Carousel, but yes it is very important for Carousel. 

    I see many naive implementations of timers that just use setInterval. A proper implementation needs control over play/pause and awareness of the page state so it doesn't run when browser tab is not visible etc.