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Feature Request FR-3109
Product Area User Interface
Status OPEN

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If Page Template is "Left side column" then please give an option to collapse and expand

vasanth.kumar Public
· Apr 28 2023

Idea Summary
This is more of how to make APEX better rather than an idea. My request is regarding if developer selects page template as “Left Side Column” then please give an option to collapse or expand it similar to Navigation menu hamburger collapse/expand. This will be very handy to utilize page layout in front end if we have to show report based on left side filters.

Attaching screenshot for reference.

Use Case
What are the use cases in which this idea useful?
Anywhere Left Column page template is used

Preferred Solution (Optional)
How would you implement this idea? If you are not sure, leave blank.

This idea is open.



  • OP5 months ago

    Yes, totally needed

  • jayson hanes Admin OP2 months ago

    This hits me as kind of weird and that it would rarely be needed? If the Faceted search is hidden, the functional purpose of the combination with this report is lost.

    What else could be put in the left-side column with the ability to hide it, that wouldn't result in the same bad UX?

    Are there really use cases where this makes sense?

  • mandreato OP2 months ago

    @jayson hanes page space is never enough 😉. Maybe after setting search filters on the left pane, right pane still has many results to browse and hiding the left pane make more of them visible.

  • vasanth.kumar OP2 months ago

    Thank you @mandreato. Hi @jayson hanes, thank you for response. Use case for left pane can be search fields / some read only info like KPI indicators, read only metrics and the list goes on. Use cases keeps expanding on what clients wants to see in the left pane. This is similar to how right pane is designed to be collapsible and expandable. Having left pane as collapsible, similar to how right side pane is collapsible if Page Template = “Left Side Column” or  if Page Template = “Left and Right Side Columns” really helps in utilizing page layout and to give better view for users. 

    I would not agree with bad UX or faceted search functionality as I'm not referring to faceted search here. I'm requesting for feature of collapse/expand if the page template = Left Side Column or if page template = Left and Right Side Columns, since developers can add static region and add page items if needed similar to how left side column is working now. I'm not requesting for customization/functional changes on how left side column works. My only request is to have left side column collapsible or expand.