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Feature Request FR-3097
Product Area User Interface

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Template Options Show the a box with color next to each Accent Color

wayne.taulu Internal
· Apr 26 2023

Idea Summary
In the Template Options for a region, you have the ability to select Accent 1-15.   In that drop down you see the accent names but you dont know what color each accent is.  A quick solution would be to add a color box next to each access name so you know what that actual color is.  I managing multiple apex sites with different colors on the accents and I can never remember what color Accent 12 is etc so I have to pull up theme roller or have a page with the same colors saved each time so I can remember what each accent color is.

Use Case
Make it easier to select the correct color for each accent type in the template options.

Preferred Solution (Optional)
Add the color box in every field that references the accent colors 1-15.

This request is likely a duplicate of FR-2897.