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Feature Request FR-3003
Product Area Application Builder

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Make it possible for an APEX group to add multiple users in one course.

andreml Public
· Mar 3 2023

Idea Summary
I am making a second attempt, because possibly the explanation/reasoning in the first one (FR-2080) was not clear enough:
We have about 120 APEX users, and for authorization we use APEX groups.
If a new APEX group has to be created (for a new application) and for this application 80 of the 120 users should be authorized, I have to select every single user and then assign them to this new group.
This is very complicated, cumbersome and costs a lot of time.

Use Case
It would be much easier to select this new group and from a list (e.g. shuttle item) simply add the relevant users to this group.

Preferred Solution (Optional)
Same functionality like you assign a group to a user, but the other way around.

This idea has been closed due to the lack of community activity during the period since it was submitted.



  • mike_kutz OP 11 months ago

    (IMO - Using APEX Accounts for IAM is … questionable.)

    Beyond that, there should be a way to assign 1 group to many users similar to:

    grant a_role to user1,user2,user3,user4,user5,user6

  • andreml OP 11 months ago

    Hello Mike,
    Thank you for your vote.
    However, I have a question and a request about this:
    Question: What is IAM? I really do not know…
    The Please: Could you please explain briefly why this is questionable from your point of view. What are the disadvantages from your point of view.
    I am really interested and curious in this and to learn how it could be done possibly be better.
    I would be happy to receive an email.
    Regards Andre