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Feature Request FR-2975
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Allow Modal Dialog to be resizable

jareeq Public
· Feb 15 2023

Idea Summary
Add ‘Resizable’ functionality to Apex Modal Dialog.

From years now I'm using already unsupported ClariFit Dialog plugin that in old times was giving opportunity to show modal dialogue that was resizable. That apps are no longer compatible with newer apex versions. So I want to move everything to native Modal Dialog in Apex.

Use Case
When you put your Interactive Report or Interactive Grid into Modal Dialog you can't resize it temporary to get columns wider. 

My users use modal, drabble dialog to display additional report data and - if column content is too narrow they easily resize Modal Dialog to display content of column as one line. It is easier when initially Modal Dialog not cover whole page and is resizable - users will not lose content of main window from their sight.

When you try to put resizable:true inside attributes it make more mess Moddal Dialog start to flicker and stay stick to pointer - it is only more messy. It was described here but without response:
You can't really use other modal that has resizable option like Inline Dialog and put Interactive Report inside because this template will not display content at all.

Preferred Solution (Optional)
Preferred solution is to port 'Resizable' option to Modal Dialog

This is currently on the roadmap for a future release of Oracle APEX.



  • john.snyders APEX Team OP4 weeks ago

    The resizable:true is the intended way to make dialogs resizable. The issue mentioned in the linked form post is likely a bug and may be something in jQuery UI dialog or resizable implementation or an interaction with APEX responsive behaviors. This should be investigated as a bug.

    IR and IG regions can be put in modal pages or inline regions but in both cases you should use heading fixed to region option. Then the next issue is that you probably want the region to resize with the dialog and that requires JavaScript.

    The ability to automatically resize a region to fits its container, which may change size for various reasons is a general feature that applies to many kinds of regions besides IR, IG; charts come to mind. It maybe a bit tricky but it is worth looking into because it is, I think, widely desired/useful.

  • farhan akram OP2 weeks ago