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Feature Request FR-2842
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Jalali DatePicker (Persian DatePicker)

mr.saeedhassanpour Public
· Nov 14 2022

Idea Summary
Regarding the new DatePicker Oracle APEX 22.2. I hope the APEX team can also add the Jalali DatePicker as soon as possible.

Use Case
The Persian developers and Persian customers.

Preferred Solution (Optional)

This is currently on the roadmap for a future release of Oracle APEX.



  • amirkhameneh 11 days ago Edit

    Thank for the beautiful Idea. The solution can resolve one of the main challenges in the upgrading and migrating apex versions in our projects.

  • gholizadeh.lida 11 days ago Edit

    Jalali DatePicker is very usefull in persian projects

  • jovaini 11 days ago Edit

    Thank you to the Oracle Apex team, Persian datepicker is very useful in the development of our applications

  • vahid5695 11 days ago Edit

    So handy and useful!

  • jayson hanes Admin 10 days ago Edit

    don't forget to click the vote button to ensure that your interest is part of the statistics for ideas that you like and support! The 4 of you who have left comments so far, haven't voted..

  • kian9000 8 days ago Edit

    Hi. Congratulations

  • mr.saeedhassanpour 8 days ago Edit

    The request is about Calendar  (This request is likely a duplicate of FR-1825.)

    But my request is about new Oracle APEX DatePicker.

  • jayson hanes Admin 8 days ago Edit

    Understood – but if there is any effort to improve one, they both should be improved.

  • engr.mazdaa.razavi 5 days ago Edit

    very very thanks to oracle apex team

  • rezababayikia 4 days ago Edit

    hi  ,tank you   for  this  extension

  • amin_safizade 4 days ago Edit

    DatePicker is very usefull in our applications.Thanks to oracle Apex Team.

  • jkh51_jkh 5 hours ago Edit

    Many thanks to the Apex team for this precious gift for persian developers of Oracle Apex.