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Feature Request FR-2669
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Concurrent processing (background processing) for Oracle APEX reports, similar to Oracle EBS.

ravi_a Public
· Aug 4 2022

Idea Summary
Provide a feature in Oracle APEX which allows the users to run  Oracle APEX report (classic report or interactive report) in the background and notify the user when the report is complete and the output is ready for review.

Use Case
Where there are large/complex reports that take time to run, the user has to wait to let the report complete. Lazy loading option exists but it still needs the user to stay on the page.

It will be good option for an end user to let the report run in the background and in the meanwhile the user can do something else in the APEX application. Users can come back later to check the APEX report output.

In Oracle E-Business Suite - Users submit reports (these reports are usually SQL*Plus, BI Publisher or Oracle Reports) as concurrent requests. These concurrent requests get queued up and run in the background. Users can monitor the progress of these concurrent requests and view the output when the concurrent request completes. Users can also schedule these reports/concurrent requests. It will be a good option for the APEX users to have similar concurrent processing functionality like the one that exists in Oracle E-Business Suite.

Preferred Solution (Optional)
Option 1: Provide an option (page) from where the users can submit/run the APEX reports and then let users monitor the progress of the APEX report. When the APEX report completes the users can view the report output.

Option 2: If an APEX report is running long - say more than 1 minute, then APEX can notify the end user asking if they want to stay on the page or if they want to let the report run in background. If they select background option then the APEX report will run in the background and once it completes then report output can be viewed be - say in View Reports output page, or from user home page.

This is currently on the roadmap for a future release of Oracle APEX.



  • kkishan OP 1.5 years ago

    Excellent idea and certainly will be a good option for APEX users.

  • dishmael OP 1.5 years ago

    This would be a benefit to the APEX users in our organization.  Thank you for submitting the idea!

  • bandaru OP 1.5 years ago

    This feature will make APEX reports more user friendly.

  • ino.laurensse OP 1.4 years ago

    The examples given (these reports are usually SQL*Plus, BI Publisher or Oracle Reports) are bad examples. Those are separate programs. You can already call BI Publisher or Oracle Reports from an APEX app. It's just a URL.

    If you want to create some report in the background, you should create a background process using DBMS_SCHEDULER.

  • jlam OP 1.4 years ago

    Since we are an EBS shop, we can submit any report into EBS Concurrent manager queue from APEX.  But having provide a native APEX “concurrent manager” feature will be a tremendous feature to have.

    Although you can build one like this yourself, this defeats the purpose to use a low-code platform if one can't provide a background job scheduler and some basic front end page to help monitor the job status.  Thanks

  • ravi_a OP 1.4 years ago

    @jlam I agree, this will be a great feature addition for APEX. 

    Say an interactive report/classic report is taking long, then if the APEX automatically prompts the user if they 'd like to have the report automatically to run in background and once it completes the user can review the output from reports section, such a feature will be of a big help to the end users.

  • ravi_a OP 1.4 years ago

    Glad to know this idea has been added to future roadmap for APEX, Thank you!

  • bert.vandenbussche OP 7 months ago

    Yes please. Any idea of timeline?

  • jlam OP 7 months ago

    Glad to know that this is on the roadmap as well.  Can't wait to see what the APEX team may come up with.  This team has been great in surprising me with nice features in every release.  Thanks

  • badr.belahrach OP 3 months ago

    It will be very nice to have it declaratively, It will help especially when extending Oracle EBS and moving EBS report builder queries to an APEX report Hub application. Thanks

  • nagaraj OP 3 months ago

    This is an awesome feature .  Glad that this is part of the thinking process for the future.

  • alberto.rivera OP 13 days ago

    Will be a great feature for our organization. Currently having issues with large reports that fail with Error: Gateway Time-out

  • senthil2 OP 11 days ago

    This is very useful option for the users who is generating long running reports

  • jlam OP 8 days ago

    BTW, if you are adding this capability, I assume that you will allow custom programs in various nature such as PL/SQL based store procedure packages, possible Javascrip script server side jobs, Java jobs, etc to be callable by the APEX front end to execute them.  Ideally, if you “port” EBS Concurrent Manager capability and add the option to generate a Job monitoring page like how the Workflow Dashboard page generation capability will be awesome.


  • srinath.komirisetti OP 7 days ago

    Awesome feature to be in Apex.