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Feature Request FR-2168
Product Area Page Components

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Dropdown List with CheckBox

eramrit_datasoft Public
· Nov 6 2021

Idea Summary
Need a new Page Item work as Dropdown with checkbox or multiple values witch chip support. today this UI is a very essential for web apps.

Use Case
some time client demand a dropdown with multiple selection using checkbox or chips. 

Preferred Solution (Optional)
A declarative way to achieve above feature

This is currently on the roadmap for a future release of Oracle APEX.



  • nicolas pilot OP 1.8 years ago

    Yes, this would be awesome

  • mswvette OP 1.8 years ago

    The new pop-up  lov supports this capability without the need for a checkbox

  • jayson hanes Admin OP 1.8 years ago

    @mswvette, it actually does almost exactly as requested:

    Multiple Values
    Specify whether this item can have multiple values or only a single value. 
    Multiple values are returned as a comma-separated list.

  • nicolas pilot OP 1.8 years ago

    Hi Jayson,

    I'm sorry but you are wrong on this one.

    In the existing Popup LOV, when we pick a value, the pop-up closes automatically, so we have to click again in the field to re-open it and also the selected values are still displayed in the LOV, it would be better to have them removed from the LIST.

  • nicolas pilot OP 1.8 years ago

    Or something like this.

  • morten OP 1.8 years ago

    Popup LOV also needs a way to remove all selected values at once. See Select2 plugin for an example of how this works.

  • jayson hanes Admin OP 1.8 years ago

    Okay, I stand corrected. I've set it to “More Support Needed”.  I understand the key points raised now - thanks for the details.

  • pts7248126694 OP 2 weeks ago

    @nicolas pilot how we xcan do this can you you please tell